Privacy Policy

(Last updated 11 March 2018)


a. Apps –refers to mobile applications or services that we provide as part of our services. Check out the detailed list at b. Company, also referred to as “AppsAce”, “us”, “our”, “we”– refers to the business listed in [add later].

c. Device – refers to any smartphone, mobile phones, or tablets which you legally own or control for the sole purpose of individual use.

d. EEA – stands for European Economic Area

e. EU: stands for European Union

f. EULA – refers to End User License Agreement, a lawful contract between the client and service provider as well as the pertinent documentation setting conditions on services that you may use.

g. Policy –refers to the privacy policy describing data collection, processing, storage, use, and sharing by our company.

h. Services – refers to Apps, websites, services, and products that can be used online or downloaded.

i. You – refers to the person using services under the provision of EULA and for whom data is gathered, stored, managed, utilized and distributed in accordance to current policy.

1. Your information – refers to the section of the privacy policy where data collection process and the reason for collecting your personal data are discussed.

2. The services that you can download and utilize are developed by our team based on client’s personal information.

3. Privacy of customers is of utmost importance to us, which is why we are focused on maintaining strong and meaningful privacy provisions. We value the trust you place in us, which is why your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us.

4. The updated policy can be accessed 24/7 at This policy is an integral element of EULA.

5. Upon downloading or utilizing our services, essentially you give agreement to processing of information as per policy. We recommend you not to download or utilize the services in case of disagreement with any aspect of the policy. However, if you have any problem with information processing, contact us immediately, but please be aware that this may affect quality of services negatively and makes access to them difficult.

6. We can change the policy any time without prior notification. Due to the trust you place in our services, we will inform you of any policy changes immediately via text or mail. Continued use of our services after policy changes shall be taken as an acceptance of the amendments otherwise the app will have to be uninstalled and removed from the device(s). For uninstalling and removing the app, kindly use the application manager or refer to the manual .


7. The data we collect through cookies is directly or indirectly related to you. The information can be maintained in a recognizable or an aggregate format that you cannot be identified from.

8. Whenever our services and specific features are used, your information can be collected. This information pertains to personal details, contact details, your communication details with us, some device data, advertiser IDs (i.e. IDFAs for Apple devices and Android Ad IDs for Android devices), and your Facebook account if you have used it to access our service.

9. Some information regarding the technical aspects of your device will be collected automatically when you start using the Apps.

10. We receive information when client’s register, visit, or use our site, services and special features. Information can also be gained from third party IDs, such as gaming services or social networking sites. Other ways include subscribing to our newsletter, requesting technical or customer support, and purchasing our products and services.

11. You have the opportunity to provide your information directly to us depending on your interaction with the Apps, or the performance reports or data usage information you receive from the Apps running on your device.

Role of Cookies

12. Our website may send some cookies to the client’s browser when they use and access our service. Cookies are a useful source of information and can be "session" or "persistent”. The former gets deleted at once, while the latter continues to run offline. Our site includes both.

13. Analytics and Essential cookies are also included in our site. The former are used to track information on the usage of services, while the latter is used for user authentication so check and balance can be kept on fraudulent accounts. We may include third-parties cookies to report various statistics and to deliver advertisements etc.

14. If you wish to refuse or delete the cookies, you are instructed to check ‘help pages’. Not accepting cookies however can cause problems such as limited access to some of our features, inability to store your favorites and web page display issues etc.


15. The collected data is used in a professional manner to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in service provision so customer experience could be improved. The information is used to perform various business operations, such as: research, development of new features, advertisement, customer support, analysis of customer data and online activity, and maintaining communication with customers via mail, telephone, or mobile devices. This information can help us understand needs and preferences of individuals to develop solutions catering to their individual needs. We advertise our products to ensure customers remain up-to-date with our products and services and give a feedback for us to improve upon. However, we understand some customers do not enjoy advertisements, which is why we offer you to upgrade to the paid version of the App.

What is the process of data analysis?

16. We rely on our own research and perform analysis on your information. This allows third parties to perform analytics as well. The analytical information is used to support business intelligence (BI), content personalization, product development, advertising, and giving solutions.

Rules of Advertisement

17. The collected information can be used for advertisement. The data may also be used to assist third parties in delivering their advertisements based on your interests. Advertisers focused on mobiles may make use of Ad identifiers to support and improve their level of advertisement. Ad identifiers are impermanent and impersonal identifiers such as the IDFA and Ad ID’s. By modifying or resetting the device settings, one can prevent targeted advertisement by these identifiers.

18. Your device information will also be used to ensure that ads are working well on it. This is also a means to measure efficacy of our advertisement campaigns, and to collect information on the number of views so clients do not have to watch is again and again.

19. It must be noted that cookies and other related tools like tracking pixels may be used for advertising by the third parties when the place their ads on our site.

20. Your information may be sent to third parties to allow direct marketing and profile-raising regarding our services or products. For example, sending you an email or text about our updated services or that of a third party. For those who wish not to receive such information, contact us at

Rules of customer support

21. We have a 24/7 open communication policy. If you need any information, want to report a problem, or just wish to give feedback, feel free to contact us. For our part, we will continue to send useful updates on our products and services via discussed mediums and you can receive continuous support from our staff. Your data will be utilized for account management and relationship establishment with service providers to ensure the best customer experience possible.

22. Using your information remains at our discretion. We have the right to use and combine information across several Apps that you use.

23. Your geolocation data accessed from various devices after you consent allows us to send you products and services pertinent to your location.

24. Any information shared with us on social network sites like Facebook is accessible to us for sharing services on client’s social network profile as well as contacts.


28. Countries included in the EEA, or the EU is classified as third parties and client’s data can be revealed or distributed to them. Any experience you might have with third parties is not our concern with the exception of provisions under law.

29. Other individuals and businesses may be hired to execute some functions. For example: conducting sales and business analysis, supporting customer service, and promoting and assisting marketing and surveys etc. These parties can access personal data of clients for specific function like improving their functionality. However, embedding a special code in this data can lead to limited access of third parties, and only data allowed under privacy policies can be accessed. These parties are not permitted to share or misuse user’s information.

30. Client information may be disclosed in cases of extreme duress such as during court orders, request from law enforcement agency, investigation of any illegal activity, to ensure protection of rights of an individual or company property, and to impose policies.

31. Aggregated information may be shared to perform overall business analysis or legal activities. Remember that such aggregated information will exclude any information from which third parties can identity clients. 32. Your information may be shared with providers in non-EEA countries in cases when suppliers, or servers are in such places, or when clients are using services in such areas.

33. We may share information with vetted partner organizations so information about service and products can be relayed to the clients .


34. We have technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to ensure safety and protection against unauthorized access to, use or disclosure of client data. In regards to policies and practices of our company, only pertinent personnel can access sensitive information for business purposes. Even though a lot of hard work is put into safeguarding client’s information, no program can guarantee 100% security.

35. Sensitive records of users are retained for as long as practically needed to fulfill business, governmental, or legal obligations and then promptly deleted. We do not verify the accuracy of the provided information.

36. Under this policy, your information will be retained as long as you use the Apps, as well as for any further period of time for us to duly perform our obligations under EULA. Certain information for statistical evidence may be retained after you stop using our Apps.


37. No personal data of children under the age of 13 is collected and if such an occurrence is reported, we will take immediate action to delete such records.


42. Data modification or deletion may be requested by contacting at:


43. For further queries regarding this policy, or any other issue, please, contact us via email: